Recruitment Services for Clinical and Administrative Staff


There is a science to making the right decisions when choosing the right people to keep your office productive. With the assistance of our recruitment services, you will be guided and supported with a strategy that works.


bullet We assist you in creating ads and utilizing internet job boards that will attract quality candidates.
bullet We receive and review all resumes to identify those qualified candidates who match your requirements.
bullet We conduct extensive telephone interviews with pre-screened candidates to gain information about their expertise, education, experience, and character. 
bullet We provide you with a detailed written report on each candidate who has a positive interview. We then discuss the results of the candidate interviews with the hiring manager.
bullet We coordinate and schedule all interviews with selected candidates and participate with the hiring manager in evaluating the candidates after the interview.
bullet We participate with the hiring manager in the final selection process, conduct reference checks, and assist in making the job offer to the selected candidate.
bullet We are not a search firm and we do not work on a percentage basis. We temporarily become part of your management team and are paid by the hour like everyone in your employ. We focus our efforts on finding the best qualified people for your organization.